We're Control Freaks!

We obsess and fixate about the ingredients in The Original Cannoli Chips™. Each hand-crafted batch is made with love (and a few arguments)™ right here in our Chelsea, MA bakery. Our quality, mixed with our passion for cannoli, brings you the best products to enjoy cannoli every day.

Try all our delicious varieties, and be sure to check back for our next generation of flavors coming soon!

  • The Original Cannoli Chips Powdered Sugar 5.1oz Bag, Golden Cannoli, Cannoli Chips

    Powdered Sugar

    Just Add Grandma’s Kitchen. You’ll love our Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips—a perfect blend of sugar and cannoli shell. We love eating them plain, or crumbling them on top of ice cream.

  • The Original Cannoli Chips Cinnamon Sugar Chips 5.1oz Bag

    Cinnamon & Sugar

    Endless Combinations. Make a pie crust, or eat them straight out of the bag. Our Cinnamon & Sugar Cannoli Chips are great for baking, eating in the car, or as a quick snack on your lunch break.

  • The Original Cannoli Chips Cookies & Cream Chips 5.1oz Bag

    Cookies & Cream

    It’s Pure Bliss. Enjoy the perfect combo of crunchy and sweet with our Cookies & Cream Cannoli Chips. Satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with these all natural treats.

  • The Original Cannoli Chips Lemon Chips 5.1oz Bag


    The Lemon Cannoli Chip is Here! Snack on it late at night or pick up a bag for your favorite lemon lover.

  • The Original Cannoli Chips 2 oz bag powdered sugar chips

    Powdered Sugar 2oz Bag

    Our most popular flavor – now available in a single serving bag!

  • The Original Cannoli Chips 2oz bag Cinnamon Sugar

    Cinnamon Sugar 2 oz Bag

    Sweet and cinnamony this 2oz bag of Cinnamon Sugar Cannoli Chips is perfect for school lunches and snacking on the go!

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Certified Kosher • No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors • No Preservatives