The Original Cannoli Chips

Late Night

Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips and Snackapade’s Smashmallows on top of chocolate Halo Top ice cream.

We love to eat snacks late at night, and as we were binge watching some of our favorite TV shows, we started to crave ice cream. Now, everyone knows that ice cream is ten times better with toppings, so we started to look around our cabinets to see what could fit inside our container. Well, obviously Cannoli Chips to start! We used the Powdered Sugar flavor to top off our chocolate Halo Top (if you haven’t tried them, you definitely should…AH-MA-ZING!), but of course, three toppings are better than two. Snackapade’s Smashmallows (basically amazing flavored marshmallows) were sitting on our counter, so we put a few on our ice cream, as well. Now, we understand that ice cream and toppings isn’t exactly a complex recipe, but we wanted to share with our followers how many ways you can incorporate Cannoli Chips into other foods, especially desserts! Go enjoy a pint of ice cream tonight, and try it out yourself. It’s alright if you eat the whole thing in one sitting…we did!