About Us

  • In the Beginning

    In 1970, cousins Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani started their own Italian bakery to sell a variety of items to customers in the Boston area. One of the previous tenants of the bakery they purchased left a deep fryer in the back room, which is typically not a piece of equipment most bakeries have. They started creating cannoli shells for their own bakery use, and quickly, other local bakeries heard of their success. Soon, the cousins were producing and distributing cannoli to nearly all local bakeries, and quickly began to expand production.

  • The Early Years

    Francesco and Angelo decided to sell their bakery and open Golden Cannoli, a manufacturing facility focused on cannoli shells, cannoli filling, and other cannoli related items. They quickly gained popularity, a reputation of having the highest quality products, and a dedication to customer service that no other cannoli company had. Many of the customers that started with Golden Cannoli back in the 1970s are still customers to this day.

    Everyone thought we were crazy. They were right.

  • The Start of the Original Cannoli Chips

    Fast forward 40 years, and Golden Cannoli is now operated by second generation family; Francesco and Angelo’s children! The company had been steadily increasing in size, but the kids wanted to branch out a little bit from the typical bakeries that would sell their products.

    Golden Cannoli was at a tradeshow selling cannoli products, and started handing out samples of cannoli. The samples were being enjoyed so much by everyone who stopped by, that they quickly ran out. They started breaking the shells up and putting them in cups of cannoli dip, and The Original Cannoli Chips were born! What a great idea! Back at the bakery, everyone quickly got to work to make this new dream a reality, and bring Cannoli Chips to life.

  • Present Day

    The Original Cannoli Chips are currently available in grocery stores across the US, typically in the specialty cookie section. Golden Cannoli continues to work hard to maintain their family legacy of customer service, quality product, and a passion for cannoli. With over 60 dedicated employees, we hope to bring The Original Cannoli Chips to stores and customers around the world.

    Can't Beat Family

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